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TMD Splints

TMD Splints

Annalan Laboratory offers you a full line of TMD Splints including those listed here. Because our technicians are specially trained in the fabrication of occlusal splints and occlusal splints only we think you'll find our splints are the very best you can buy. 

To insure the highest quality, we use only the finest materials Lucitone Acrylic 199 for all heat cured appliances. We employ the latest techniques and the most up-to-date equipment. And we unconditionally guarantee every Annalan splint for proper fit...and for one full year against breakage.
Brux Our standard hard nightguard - used to prevent clenching and bruxing. A full coverage splint with a flat occlusal plane. Vertical open 1.5 mm in the posterior. Anterior guidance similar in design to Dawson splint. Also called Centric Relation Splint.

Reposition Used to relieve symptoms related to TMD. Full coverage maxillary splint fabricated using a wax bite to bring the mandible into a protrusive position. Also known as the Michigan Splint and the Pull Forward Splint.


Both can be used as bruxism appliances in centric relation. Worn during the day as a more comfortable and less conspicuous alternative. 
Gelb Gelb Used to reposition the mandible and to recapture the disk. Fabricated to a wax bite that brings the condyle into an anterior position and increases the vertical opening. Standard design is 2 ball clasps with lingual bar as a connector. 

Gelb Modified Gelb Alleviates concerns about anterior super eruption by bringing acrylic onto the singulums of anterior teeth. 
Pankey Designed with cusp wings to keep cuspids on the occlusal table in all excursions. Constructed with wax registration and mounted on a Denar or Hanau Articulator. Our experience with different Pankey style constructions enables you to make specific modifications which can give your patients a custom appliance. 

For more information request our mailing kit or call us at 1-800-222-0495. 

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