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The Most Comfortable Nightguard Ever Developed

SofTouch SofTouch is a remarkable occlusal splint developed by Annalan Laboratory - to ease insertion and eliminate anterior trauma and pressure. With its strong outer shell of heat-cured acrylic - and its soft inner acrylic liner for tissue and tooth-bearing surfaces, SofTouch is comfortable, durable and offers many advantages.

The Many Advantages Of SofTouch

  • Eliminates anterior trauma and pressure
  • Requires minimal adjustment
  • Saves you chair time
  • Protects dental implants and tooth surfaces
  • Is guaranteed for one full year against wear or breakage

Recommended By Leading Clinicians

SofTouch has consistently received enthusiastic reviews from the nation's leading clinicians as an effective, economical, non-invasive way to preserve restorations and implants.

According to a study reported in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, the most common restorative complications with implants for the treatment of partial edentulism are loosening of gold screws and fracture of composite resin veneers. That's why SofTouch - with its non-abrasive acrylic liner that is completely compatible with all porcelain and composite resin veneers - offers valuable protection to patients with nocturnal bruxing and clenching habits.

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