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Unlike full service laboratories who supply dentures, crowns, bridges and other appliances to the dental community, Annalan Laboratory is a custom dental lab with one specialty - occlusal splints. We have dedicated the past 50 years (since our inception in 1950) to developing and perfecting our work - so we can bring you today's most highly acclaimed family of occlusal splint products including SofTouch™ .

SofTouch - designed and developed by Annalan Laboratory owner, Peter Bellincampi, CDT - is the unique and widely acclaimed occlusal splint with an outer shell of heat-cured acrylic and a soft acrylic liner that protects and extends the life of restorations.

Cutting Edge

At Annalan Laboratory, we're up to date on today's newest technologies. Our expert staff is specially trained in occlusal splints. And we make it a practice to stay in constant contact with dentists throughout the country. Which is why we know exactly what works…and how to deliver what works for you.

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